How to Take care of Wood flooring this Christmas?

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Christmas time is fast approaching, Christmas time brings families and friends together.  So, you can expect to have furniture moved to create space for Christmas tree, Christmas parties with friends and to make space for other festivities. In Christmas days your flooring is more prone to scratches and damages that totally ruins your flooring

Wood flooring be it any kind of solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring, it is considered to be a huge financial investment, so taking care of your wooden flooring is vital to its longevity and good appeal.

It is very important to know how to care of the wooden flooring.

Here are some tips that help you in bog time in protecting your wooden flooring from scratches and damages:

1. Clean you flooring with either wax based cleaners or with natural products like olive oil to maintain its beauty and elegance. Dry cleaning and Damp cleaning on regular basis is also recommended.

2. Be aware of changes in wooden flooring, Expansion and contraction are normal in case of wooden flooring but If your wooden flooring is rising or dipping unnaturally it is something to be concerned about as it might be due to humidity, damp or standing water.

3.  To take the best care of your wooden flooring, it is advisable to use furniture protectors made from cloth to avoid scratches on flooring while moving a heavy piece of furniture. Also, you should avoid dropping heavy and large objects on flooring as it could lead to cracks on wooden floors.

4. When bringing in the Christmas tree, you should put tree mat as well as plastic drain tray that is put under washing machines to collect excess water.

5. It is advisable not to drag Christmas tree while bringing in as it may cause scratches and damage to wooden flooring that result in destroying overall look and feel of wooden flooring.

6. Say not to wear shoes this Christmas season indoors to avoid stains on wooden flooring as it could leave a permanent damage to wood flooring. Instead, wear slippers to feel cozy and relaxed indoors.

7. Wipe liquid and food spills immediately otherwise the risk of a permanent stain is serious. You need a cloth that is lightly dipped into warm water (with a few drops of wood floor cleaning product, if the stain is highly pigmented) to remove the spill quickly and easily.

Wooden floors offer elegance like no other. Solid Oak flooring helps in anchoring the look of the home. A wood floor can make a room look bigger, lighter and adds value to your house. They also blend well with any kind of decor. The never dying beauty of wood helps in recapturing the minds of the people. Ensuring that wood flooring last longer without losing its charm and captives should be given great Importance as it is a most valued aspect of any interior decoration.


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