Can Engineered Oak Flooring be Refinished

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Engineered Oak Flooring: To Refinish or Not?

So, you’ve made the big choice between solid and engineered wood flooring, and gone for the latter because it’s a little more versatile, a little easier on the pocket and you can be more creative with the colours and finishing. 

Now, a couple of years on it’s time to give your floor a bit of a refresh and maybe even change the look and feel of it with a complete sanding and repaint. But before you do, you need to call in the experts and check what you can physically do to your engineered oak floor.

Engineered oak wood refinishing

As a quick reminder - solid hardwood flooring is about 3/4" thick and can undergo refinishing 10 times. Like solid wood, even engineered wood can be refinished, but not the same number of times. Ideally, the number of times you can refinish engineered oak flooring depends on the wear and tear of the wooden surface, along with the hardness quotient of the wood.

How to figure out if your engineered oak flooring needs refinishing?

If in doubt, always consult the pros. Any good solid oak flooring supplier in London, like Flooring Cottage, can help you with your queries. Before getting your engineered wooden flooring refinished, you should know two important things: the wear layer’s thickness and whether the flooring has been refinished before or not.

So what is the ‘wear layer’? Different engineered wood flooring has different thicknesses of veneer. This is what constitutes the wear layer of a wooden floor. These layers can vary from 1mm to 5mm in thickness. If your floor has a thickness of 1mm, then chances are that you can’t sand the surface and refinish it to remove signs of embedded scratches. However, don’t be disappointed. You can still go ahead and recoat it, to make it look better than before.

For veneer layers with a thickness greater than 1mm, you can go ahead and sand the floor before calling in the experts to refinish your wooden flooring. The thing to keep in mind before refinishing is that the greater the thickness, the more number of times you can refinish the floor. However, don’t make it a habit; this way, your floors will still have plenty of life in them.

If you bought the house with wooden floors already in, it’s worth checking with the previous owners, and if you can’t get hold of them, then please get some advice from the experts. Refinishing is a great solution for homeowners, especially, if you want to add a subtle charm to your floors. If you need an expert’s advice, do reach out to us on 020 8840 3244 so that our experts can give your floors the once over and prevent you doing any lasting damage to your floors.


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