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You don’t have to compromise on entertaining with a wood floor


Come the holidays, and people start worrying about managing their guests… and how damaged their beautiful wood floor is going to get. But don’t worry – our team of experts at Nexus have got some top tips for keeping that wood floor perfect!

·         Don’t skip the welcome mat:

You may think that your welcome mat is just a nice addition to make your guest feel… well, welcome! But it’s not. If you have a wood floor then this is your first line of defense. Imagine having sandpaper fixed to the soles of your shoes, and as you start walking on the wooden floors, the debris on your shoes grates the top layer of your floors, making them rough, hard and uneven. So… don’t skip the welcome mat and make sure you and your guests wipe their shoes!

·         Throw rugs to the rescue:

Rugs are a god send… so make use of them. They have three main advantages – firstly and most obviously, they add a subtle beauty to your interiors and then the important stuff - some people find that the acoustics change subtly in a room when they move from carpet to wood flooring – rugs help dampen some of the sound, making the transition so much easier. And thirdly, they also help prevent debris from entering your house and eventually scratching your floor.

·         Avoid using specific cleaners:

Avoid using products which have water, vinegar, soap or wax as their base. Vinegar and water can steal the shine out of your floors, while soap and wax can leave a residue mark on your floors. Ideally, it’s best to sweep or vacuum regularly, so that you don’t really face any challenges when it comes to maintaining your floors.

For cleaning purposes, if you do want to get rid of the dirt and sand, then you can use a damp mop, instead of a soaking wet one. Try to restrict your mopping to once a week, so as to keep your floor’s sheen and life intact. Avoid string mops as they can put excessive amounts of water on to the floor’s surface. Since water is wood’s biggest enemy, it’s necessary to keep the floors as dry as possible.

·         Entertaining with care:

If you’re someone who loves to entertain, then it’s time to be a little cautious. High heels and sportswear can be the biggest enemies of your wood flooring. When you are entertaining, ask your guests to take off their shoes at the entrance – not such a strange request these days - and you can of course always provide carpet slippers to your guests, so that there is minimum damage to your floors.

Changing from carpet to wood flooring may well feel to be a little daunting, but these simple and easy steps will make sure that you really do get the most out of your fabulous design choice! Enjoy. 


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