Rondo Solid Oak Lacquered Wood

£73.00 per m2
£30.82 per m2

Chiswick Solid Oak Brushed Oiled Wood

£77.10 per m2
£30.83 per m2

Dolce Solid Oak Hand Scraped Antique Coffee Wood

£77.00 per m2
£30.89 per m2

Richmond Solid Brushed Oak Oiled Wood

£81.50 per m2
£32.50 per m2

Hampstead Solid Oak Flooring

£83.30 per m2
£33.32 per m2

Redditch Solid Oak Lacquered

£83.40 per m2
£33.33 per m2

Shoreditch Solid Brushed Caramel Oak

£83.33 per m2
£33.33 per m2

Royal Solid Herringbone

£84.00 per m2
£33.60 per m2

Chelsea Solid Crystal Lacquered Oak

£87.65 per m2
£35.06 per m2

Hanwell Solid Oak Lacquered Click

£93.80 per m2
£37.50 per m2

Highgate Solid Smooth Golden Oak

£93.80 per m2
£37.51 per m2

Covent Garden Solid Golden Oak

£77.00 per m2
£37.80 per m2

Solid Oak Flooring

Solid wood flooring is made up of a single piece of hardwood which is machine-cut to size and shape. It is considered to be one of the most “eco friendly” forms of flooring as it is sourced naturally and dried naturally over the course of a month. During this process, the moisture content within the wood is reduced in order to decrease the chances of warping.

Oak is considered to be one of the most popular species of wood, due to its strength and distinctive rustic charm. The material is incredibly hard-wearing and can vary in pattern and style. Oak can be stained in a variety of colours which allows a wide range of choice for a bright, contemporary lounge through to a dark, gothic dining room. Moreover, solid oak flooring provides a timeless look which can give your home a sense of sophistication.

Benefits of Solid Oak Flooring

One of the main benefit of solid wood is that it is incredibly durable and there are many species available, which means that it is versatile and can suit any style of home. Here are some of the benefits of solid oak flooring.

1. Good quality wooden floors last for decades.

2. Wooden floors are easier to clean than carpets.

3. Wood flooring is more hygienic than carpets.

4. They are affordable and do not need renovation frequently.

5. Provides timeless appeal.

Maintenance of Solid Oak Flooring

Solid wood requires very little maintenance and gently ages over time. Wooden floors eliminate the opportunity for allergens and dust mites to breed, so installing a wooden floor brings significant health benefits. Unlike engineered wood, solid wood flooring can be sanded to create a brand new surface.

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