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Chelsea Solid Crystal Lacquered Oak

Finish : Natural Oak Hard Wearing Lacquer
Size : 18 mm X 150 mm
Profile : Tongue and Groove - Micro beveled on all 4 sides Random Length
Construction :100% Solid Oak. Single Strip
Fitting :Secret nail - Flooring adhesive
Suitable :Living Areas & Kitchen, Not for Bathrooms
Grade : ABC
Product Origin : Europe
Pack size : 1.92

£ 87.65 

£ 54.16  per m2  ( Ex-VAT )

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Solid Oak Lacquered Wood Flooring - Give Your Floors a New Dimension

If you are planning to change your flooring, then we have the perfect option for you - Solid Oak Lacquered Wood. Lacquered wood is increasing becoming popular as it is not only durable but have an attractive lustrous finish. This type of flooring also doesn't require much maintenance from your end and you can easily clean it and make it look like brand new. It is, however, important, that you make use of the right cleaning products while cleaning oak lacquered wood floors.

Why solid oak lacquered wood flooring is a great option?

This is a great choice not for homes but also for offices and would surely enhance the overall interior decor of the room. The durability depends on the usage and traffic but you can expect it maintain its shine and lustre for more than 10-15 years at least making this an affordable choice as well. And when the shine is lost, there is always the option to re-lacquer your floor and make them shine like before.

There is another great advantage of installing lacquered wooden floors — they reflect light and makes the rooms look bigger and of course brighter. The beauty of the rooms increases manifold when natural light enters through the window.

Thus, if you want to beautify your rooms or add a touch of elegance to them, then oak lacquered wood flooring is the way to go.  We offer you wooden floor tiles of dimension 18 x 150 mm and these give the real look of original oak and are extremely hardy. Since, this is made from lacquered oak, make sure that you install these in your kitchen, bedrooms, or your office and by no means on your bathrooms as with continuous water usage, it would lose its shine and durability.

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