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Hampton Engineered American Walnut

Finish : Natural Oak Hard Wearing Lacquer
Size : 20mm x4mm x 191mm; Fixed Lengths
Profile : Tongue and Groove - Micro beveled on all 4 sides Fixed length
Construction :Single Plank - 4mm Top Layer Walnut - 14mm Multi Layer Plywood
Fitting :Secret nail - Flooring adhesive - Floating
Suitable :Living Areas & Kitchen, Under Floor Heating
Grade : ABC
Product Origin : America
Pack size : 2.14

£ 120.00 

£ 62.50  per m2  ( Ex-VAT )

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Engineered American Walnut Flooring – The Durable and Stylish One!

One of the most famous and widely used engineered wood flooring - American walnut, is a tough timber of medium density. The wood has a moderate bending with low stiffness. It occurs in light brown to dark chocolate brown shades. The natural look of the American walnut wood is achieved by leaving it naturally for a specific period, which gives it a grained and sometimes wavy texture. The dark texture of the wood lightens with exposure to UV light, although it can be prevented by using wax costing.

Why Engineered American walnut flooring?

  • The unique and beautiful appearance of the American walnut woods distinguish it from the other woods used for floorings. The beautiful shades of brown can't be more beautiful on any other materials. The grained and wavy textures exhibit a luxurious look.
  • In comparison to other woods, American walnut is more durable. It has a least effect of temperature and moisture unlike other woods which may expand or contract dueto thermal effects.
  • American walnut wood is more resistive to friction. Hence safer for have foot movements.
  • The installation and maintenance of American walnut as flooring is easier than other woods.

Features of this kind of flooring: When it comes to American walnut floorings, we are the pioneer in installing new walnut wood floors and restoring them. We produce the fine quality of Engineered American walnut wood planks in the recommended natural method. The natural colored walnut wood planks are crafted in the size of 20 mm by 4mm by 150mm with fixed lengths of 1.9m. The layering is done with 16 mm multilayered plywood as the base and a single plank of 4 mm of American walnut wood at the top. The layers are fitted using secret nails with adhesives giving a cleaner appearance. The planks are chiselled with micro bevelled grooves along all the four edges. They are suitable for the living areas and can be used for under floor heating. This American originated walnut wood comes in the grade of ABCD. You can check our products for more details.



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